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     Non-metal series > Fiberglass gridding cloth
Fiberglass gridding cloth
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Product Name: Fiberglass gridding cloth

 Product Description:
 Glass fiber mesh cloth is based on the alkali or alkali-free glass fiber woven fabrics, based coating formed by the alkali. The product is high strength, good paste, clothing stickers, positioning of the excellent, widely used in wall enhancement, wall insulation, roofing, etc., can also be used in cement, plastics, asphalt, marble, mosaic wall materials increased, the construction industry an ideal engineering material.
 General Specifications:
 1 Mesh: 5mm × 5mm 4mm × 4mm 3mm × 3mm 2 grams per square: 80 g ----- 160 g 3 the length of each roll: 50 meters or 100 meters 4 width: 1 m ---- 2 m 5 color: white (standard) blue green or other colors 6 Packing: Each roll blister packaging, IV or six volumes of a cardboard box, sixteen or thirty two volumes a volume tray. 7 special specifications and special packaging also available according to customer's request.

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